Author: Jess Clark

Winning the War with Eau de Cologne

By Jess Clark a part of the Perfumes Series In August 1914, Britain declared war on Germany. As many…

Recipes for Waste Reduction

Kesia Kvill In June of 1917, the Canadian Government introduced the Office of the Food Controller un…

Fertility in the Early Modern Household

Leah Astbury Domestic recipe books in early modern England abound with remedies to promote conceptio…

Making Scents in the Victorian Home

By Jessica P. Clark In 1864, London perfumer Eugène Rimmel (of modern Rimmel Cosmetics fame) published The Book of Perfumes. Compiled from a series of articles he wrote for science-minded readers of The Englishwoman’s Domestic Magazine, the book charted the … Continue reading →

Pimples, Corns, and Correspondence: Remedying Victorian Beauty Dilemmas

By Jessica P. Clark As we’ve seen in previous posts, eighteenth-century English newspapers were important sites for exchanging recipes and knowledge. This tradition flourished in the nineteenth century via a textual forum aimed specifically at female readers: correspondence columns in … Continue reading →