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How to apply ?

Opening a blog is free. To open a research blog on Hypotheses, you need to fill in the online application form.

Who can open a Hypotheses blog ?

The Hypotheses platform is open to the whole academic community (researchers, research teams, PhD students, information specialists, institutions, etc.) in all disciplines of the arts, humanities and social sciences.

Hypotheses aims to develop direct scientific communication. The perimeter of the platform is widely open. Many types of projects are accepted and each application is examined individually.

However, some editorial projects will not be approved on Hypotheses. For instance, an application to open a blog that would be the publication medium for an academic journal would be refused (for more information about the platform’s editorial scope, see the view of its scientific committee) ; but a blog that aims to accompany an existing academic journal or journal project will be approved.

To open a Hypotheses blog, you must provide a clear editorial and scientific project description, as well as an academic affiliation (research laboratory or institution, university, scholarly society, etc.).

Please note that only the future editor-in-chief, who is the blog’s legal representative can submit the form and apply.

The form is divided into several steps and requires a certain amount of time to enter your data. We advise you to prepare it beforehand, using the PDF version of the form.

If you encounter any difficulty, please contact us:

How are applications examined?

Application requests are evaluated by the Hypotheses validation team, which answers to the platform’s Scientific Committee.

Permanent support

Hypotheses is based on the powerful but easy-to-use software that is WordPress. The Hypotheses team provides free training in a variety of languages on how to blog as an academic on WordPress. Editorial and technical support and resources are also available online.
New features are regularly introduced to support the platform’s development and respond to the good practices of academic blogging and bloggers’ needs.

An international outlook

Our bloggers publish posts in a wide range of languages. Each language community has its own discussion and support tools, as well as its own academic committee. The role of these boards, which are made up of researchers representing the thematic diversity of the humanities and social sciences, is to establish the platform’s strategic priorities for the future.

Browse by language :

Sustained growth

Founded in 2009, Hypotheses now hosts several thousand blogs, produced by a vast community of bloggers from countries the world over. The platform receives over a million visits each month.

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Have any questions ?

Feel free to contact the Hypotheses team

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