Managed Hosting

Our team provides you with an all-in-one environment, so that you can concentrate on what matters most: posting on your blog!

We take care of platform maintenance and changes, such as frequent upgrades and new features to fit your needs.

Our high-performance hardware also makes it quick and easy to log into our platform and ensures a smooth experience on your end, no matter what device you use to view Hypotheses.


You publish content, and we promote it! Our team regularly selects certain posts and promotes them on our various portals (the Hypotheses homepage and the French, English, Spanish, and German pages). Posts may also be featured on Hypotheses’ social media (Twitter and Facebook). Some blogs are even spotlighted in the InSHS newsletter.

Once your blog is up and running, it will also be included in the OpenEdition catalog, allowing it to be assigned an ISSN by the Bibliothèque nationale de France.

Support & Documentation

With Hypotheses, you can customize your blog any way you want. You get to make the editorial decisions for your blog and choose how it looks. Nevertheless, help is available. We offer a number of free guides to help you set up your blog, whether you’re a novice or a veteran blogger. You can also chat with other Hypotheses users in French, English, German, and Spanish via special forums. The forums are a place for you to talk about your blogs and posts, develop writing projects, form collaborations related to your blog, and stay up to date on major platform changes via messages from our team. If you or your editorial team wish to subscribe to one or more of the forums, contact us at

A help forum is also available (in French only) where you can ask technical questions about blog functionality and share writing and technical tips with a community of Hypotheses users. Our team monitors the forum to make sure every question is answered. The forum is open to the public in read-only format. To post to the forum, log into your Hypotheses account.

We also offer resource blogs, available in multiple languages, that show you how to use your blog. You will find tutorials grouped into a complete online course.

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Our team also offers two levels of free, in-person training in French. Training seminars are held regularly in Paris and Marseille. Learn more or register here.

Training seminars are occasionally held in Spain and Germany by our partners. Contact us for more information.

Finally, we also monitor articles published on Hypotheses daily. This allows us to contact you with recommendations or suggestions for changes, such as correcting citations, structuring your content, or tweaking the appearance of your blog.

If you have questions specific to your blog (application, catalog, password, etc.), our team is available at

Indexing & Rankings

By publishing your content on Hypotheses, you are choosing a platform that offers high visibility, much higher than most blogs could achieve through private hosting.

Hypotheses’ natural indexing ensures that your blog and posts will always appear high in search engine rankings. Of course, your ranking will be higher the more you publish, the more carefully you structure your content (by assigning categories and keywords), and the more you share your publications (by linking from other websites or posting on social media).

In addition, promotions of your work by the Hypotheses team also help improve your blog’s ranking.

Security & Longevity

Starting a blog on Hypotheses means guaranteed maximum security for you, your readership, and your publications.

First, we take measures to prevent anyone from hacking your blog. (However, it is still up to you to take certain precautions, such as choosing a strong password.) Hypotheses also uses anti-spam software to prevent undesirable messages from making their way into your comments section.

Second, all content that you publish on Hypotheses is regularly backed up and stored at the IN2P3 Computing Center at CNRS. Our infrastructure ensures that your articles will be around for a long time to come, so that they can be cited even if you decide to stop blogging. If you do stop, your blog will be archived and, as such, will continue to have a place at Hypotheses.

Finally, when you start a blog on our platform, your personal information is guaranteed protected. You remain the owner of it, as well as of your content.

Relevance Checks

Hypotheses is a platform for academic blogs for all humanities and social sciences. While you are free to write what you wish, our team does work to ensure that all blogs fit this description.

Applications for new blogs are reviewed by our team and by the Hypotheses Scientific Board. The Board examines the most unusual applications, those that fall into a gray area (in particular, interdisciplinary blogs). Application processing times can be quite long, but it helps ensure the relevance of all blogs on Hypotheses.

Though we are not able to validate the science of every post published on Hypotheses, our team does monitor posts daily to verify that they are academic in nature, thus ensuring the quality of publications on our platform.

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